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Life's a bitch
so get used to it
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1st-Oct-2005 11:37 pm - October 1st : Second shift 4:10 pm
oh ho ho ho
Diana walked happily into the precinct after her lunch break. She vaguely hopped she wouldn't be in trouble cause she took a whole extra hour for it. It really wasn't her fault though if the sign for Macy's last sale of the season wasn't right outside the cafe window she was sitting by she wouldn't of panicked and rushed right over there. Diana was satisfied with all the discounted goodies she got and it wasn't like she was on a case really just finishing up some boring paperwork.

Diana thought ahead though she bought Berkeley a tie to cool him down if he was mad at her. "I hope he likes pink." she said out loud to herself. The tie she picked out was pink with silver and white boxes in a weird patter on it. She thought Berkeley would look nice in it so just grabbed it. Hey it was also on clearance too.
oh ho ho ho
Diana walked into Jim's office to get the report on her latest case's autopsy.  Entering she noticed a girl wearing a pink mini skirt, and tube top with matching heels and nails sitting on the edge of Jim's desk.  It seemed she was bitching about every little thing while Jim just held his head in his hands and ignored her.  Shutting the door behind her a little noisy Diana made her presence known.  She walked over to the desk and was just about to ask for the report when the girl in pink turned abruptly to give her a glare.  In a sneering voice she asked Jim /if this was his new whore?/.  Jim quickly corrected her saying /no a fellow employee/
The girl then rose to her feet and looked extremely pissed scoffing at Jim's answer she said /like it matters you could still be fucking her.  She looks like all the other whores you had/.  Diana was trying to ignore the fight going on and was about to slip away but when that was said about her she lost her temper.  "What?" was all she said before the girl got in her face.  Diana just got back in hers and before she knew it, the two were on the ground pulling, pushing and scratching at each other.  She vaguely heard the shouts for them to stop.
4th-Apr-2005 10:04 pm - ::PRIVATE TO THE PRECICNT::
big hair
I got some great news! Ryo woke up today around 5:00. Isn't that great!?! He hasn't really said anything yet but if he is conscious he'll defiantly survive. The awful thing is the guys that shot Ryo ran away before the cops got there. So tomorrow Bikky has to come down to the station and look at pictures.
30th-Mar-2005 01:17 pm - I got the kid
big hair
Just thought I'd let you know that Bikky will be staying with me because no one else was nice enough to volunteer. He's at my place right now sleeping on the couch right next to the phone.
30th-Mar-2005 12:37 am - update about Ryo
big hair
First of all I have to thank Berkeley for giving me the wonderful job of telling Dee Ryo was shot. I mean I was called a lying bitch then pushed out of the way as he ran towards the door claiming revenge on the fuckers. Three officers had to restrain him and he was locked in a interrogation room till he calmed down. I believe he is probably at the hospital right now in the waiting room. I know Bikky is there.

Poor kid hasn't spoken much really except telling us what happened. He's been staying at the hospital too. So here comes the real issue. Bikky has school and sleeping in a hospital ain't to good for him. So who is going to take him in while Ryo is out? Dee is out of the question cause he'll probably stay in the hospital waiting for word on Ryo. Any volunteers?

As for Ryo this is what I know. He was rushed into surgery immediately last night. Today he is stable but unconscious still (that's why Dee will stay till Ryo wakes up) as far as the rest we'll have to wait for more updates.
18th-Mar-2005 11:45 pm - At work
big hair
Just got to work forty minutes ago. Berky's schedule isn't as hard to follow as I thought it would be. Its a shame though that they still can't find that cop killer. I need a strong handsome man to take me home after work cause I usually ride the subway and I don't think that's a good idea anymore. Any volunteers?
17th-Feb-2005 11:19 pm - So adorable!
big hair
I got the film on my camera developed today. That means I got the pictures of Bikky and Carol all dressed up and ready to go to the dance. I'll bring them to work tomorrow for you guys to see. They are so cute together! I wish I had someone to be cute with.
28th-Jan-2005 06:02 pm - Bored!
big hair
I got bored all day sitting at the office. I was just lazing around listening to my CD player. Got in trouble cause I'm supposed to be listing for the phone to ring. So played on the computer for awhile and found something to do. Hope you guys enjoy it. ^.0

Your Stripper Name is: Muse

Muse!?! What's that mean? Does it mean I'm an inspiration?

Your Porn Star Name is: Tight Cherry

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25th-Jan-2005 04:58 pm - Guess whos here!
big hair
I'm even apart of the 27th precinct and yet here I am having to use on of this damn journals.  Hmm!  At lest I have a place to bitch about my love life. . .shut up Dee I know what your thinking.  Lets see what else.  Oh I get to talk to my Berky more often thats another good thing.  I hope thats long enough!
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